The district of Chitradurga of Karnataka is renowned in an international level for its monuments. This place has experienced the life of man from the  earliest historic times resulting in the spread of antiquities and monuments throughout the district. These not only reflect the cultural fervour of this region but have become popular tourist spots. Chitradurga, centrally located in the state and of Karnataka, has been ruled by all the important royal dynasties of this state. The influence of the rule of Asoka, the Mauryan emperors, as early as III century B.C.E  is discernible in the northern part of district. Consequently this region was under the political sway of the Shathavahanas, the Kadambas, the Chalukyas of Bhadami, the Rashrakutas, the Later Chalukyas of Kalyana, the Hoysalas, the Vijayanagara rulers, the palegars of Chitradurga and the Wodeyars of Mysore. Thus this district has an history spanning from the earliest known Empires till the British Rule.

The innumerable monuments built during the reign of all these imperial dynasties reflect the socio-economic life of contemporary people, their cultural achievements and esthetic sense  and the bond between the rulers and subjects. the monuments mainly contribute for the understanding of technical skills achieved in the field of architecture and the proper use of resources at various points of time.

Chitradurga gained political prominence during the Vijayanagara and post-Vijayanagara periods. This became the seat of power of the palegars who ruled  over a span of 211 between 16th and 18th century. These palegars, popularly known as the Nayakas of Chitradurga, were 14 in number who  continued the legacy of the Vijayanagara Empire’s culture. This cultural imitation was blended with the local folk culture resulting in a novel tradition which was a combination of the Sanskritised and folk culture. These Nayakas hailed from the hunter tribe recognised as Valmiki -matas. They identify themselves as Kamagethi dynasty with the surname Kasthuri. Historically these rulers are popularly known as Madakarinayaka and were adorned with title ‘Srimanmahanayakacharya‘. Like the other ruling dynasties in India these Nayakas also contributed for the social welfare by consecrating Temples, establishing Agraharas and Mathas, building of lakes, tanks and fortress. These varied monuments have enhanced the heritage of Chitradurga