Various programs are being implemented by the Agriculture Department for the farmers. The main objective of the Department of Agriculture is to provide farmers with technical information and training, and timely supply of quality seeds fertilizer & pesticides other agriculture inputs. Implementing various schemes funded by the State & Central govt for the benefit of farmers to ensure higher food production. To improve overall crop production status including cereals, pulses, oil seed & commercial crops by enhancing the productivity of the crop thus ensuring increasing the net income of the farmers is the main objective of the Agriculture Department.


  1. Krishi Bhagya:

    Chitradurga district is rainfed predominant. To convert rainfed Agriculture into sustainable agriculture Krishi Bhagya Scheme is being implemented. Under this scheme surface rain water is harvested in farm ponds & used for crops at their critical stages as a protective irrigation to increase the production thus ensuring the better and efficient use of available rain water. Construction of farm ponds with polylining, distribution of diesel pump sets, Sprinkler irrigation sets on subsidy are the components.

  2. Customized Hiring Service Centre (Krishi Yantra Dhare):

    To make available high cost agriculture implements to all the farmers at the door step on cheaper rental basis. CHSC centres are established at all 22 hobli levels.

  3. Distribution of quality seeds on Subsidy:

    Good quality seeds are distributed to the farmers on subsidy to the General, SC & ST farmers to the maximum extent of 2Ha per farmer.

  4. Karnataka Raita Suraksha Prime Minister Fasal Bhīma Yojane (KRSPMFBY):

    This Scheme is being implemented with the joint assistance of central & state govt to provide insurance coverage & financial support to the farmers in the event of failure of any notified crop as a result of natural calamities.

  5. Distribution of Agriculture Implements, Agroprocesing equipments, Drip & Sprinkler sets on subsidy:

    Agriculture implements, Agroprocesing equipments will be distributed to the farmers at 50% & 90% subsidy to Gen, SC & ST farmers respectively. Sprinkler & drip irrigation systems are being distributed at 90% subsidy to all the category of farmers.

  6. Pradhana Mantri Krishi Sinchayi Yojane (PMKSY):

    To conserve soil & water, bund forming, nala bund, check dam, percolation tank, Farm pond & loose bolder structures are constructed under this scheme. Agro forestry, dry land horticulture activities will also be executed.

  7. Soil Health Mission:

    Soil Health cards are distributed to all the farmers of district to know the available nutrients in their fields on soil test basis. The fertilizers will be applied based on the soil health card to sustain the soil fertility.

  8. Distribution of various Agriculture inputs on subsidy:

    Various Agriculture inputs like, Gypsum, Micronutrients, bio fertilizers, Green manure seeds, vermi compost, Enriched compost, plant protection chemicals & equipments bio pesticides, etc. are being distributed on subsidy.

  9. Bhoochetna Scheme:

    To increase at least 20% productivity of rainfed agriculture crops is the main objective of this scheme. Demonstration will be conducted on farmers field by distributing required agriculture inputs on subsidy basis.

  10. Relief to the farmer suicide / Snake bite:

    Suicide is not the solution to the farmers problem , Govt is always with the farmers to solve their problems. Relief of Rs. 5 Lakhs will be provided to the farmers suicide families Rs. 2.00 Lakhs to the families of the snake bite / accidentally death (Involved in Agriculture Activities) farmers.

  11. Organic Farming:

    Sustainable agriculture is the main objective of the organic farming. This scheme is being implemented through NGOs by arranging farmers training, field visit & demonstration.

  12. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS):

    Soil & Water conversation structures, farm pond, bund farming, nala bund, check dam & vermi compost pits are being constructed under this scheme.

Staffing pattern of the Agriculture Department is as follows.

Sl NO Designation Phone number


Joint Director of Agriculture (District level)



Deputy Director of Agriculture-1, Chitradurga Sub Division



Deputy Director of Agriculture-2, Challakere Sub Division



Assistant Director of Agriculture, Chitradurga (Taluk level)



Assistant Director of Agriculture, Challakere (Taluk level)



Assistant Director of Agriculture, Hiriyuru (Taluk level)



Assistant Director of Agriculture, Holalkere (Taluk level)



Assistant Director of Agriculture, Hosadurga (Taluk level)



Assistant Director of Agriculture, Molakalmuru (Taluk level)


Each taluk is headed by Assistant Director of Agriculture, sub Division is headed by Deputy Director of Agriculture.

In each taluk Assistant Agriculture officers & Agriculture officers are working at hobli level (RSK Centers). RSKs are headed by Agriculture officers. There are 22 RSKs through which all the agriculture department schemes are being implemented.