Fort of Chitradurga

The fort of Chitradurga is the first and foremost monument that ponders in to the mind of the tourists by the very mentioning of the name of this district. This strong fortress with 7 concentric ramparts is classified as “Giridurga” i.e. a Hill fort. This hill fort possessing seven pinnacles is named as “Chinmuladri”. which has seven ranges that surround a central hill called as ‘tuppada kola’, which has Hidimbeshwara hill and the Shivalaya hill to its east and Northeast directions respectively and to the Western side is the Kahalebatheri hill and the Lal-batheri and Nallikayisiddappa hills are situated in the southern side. The Jandabatheri and the Bhimanabatheri are to the north of this hill. The entire Tuppada kola hill and the surrounding valley with the fortification is referred to as Meldurga i.e. upper fort. This fortified region is circular on plan. The entire fortified region in about 300 meters above ground level.

The modern Chitradurga possessed the name Chinmuladri and Hidimbipattana as per mythical records. The epigraphs of Chalukyas of Kalyana and  Hoysalas  refer to this place variously as Sulgallu, Bemmathanagallu, Bemmathanuru, Brahmhapurigeri, Perumalepura, Chinchanagiridurga, Shinganagiridurga and Chinthakaldurga. By 18th century this was renowned as Chitrakalludurga which was renamed as Farookh-yab-hissar (Faruqabad) when it was conquered by Hyder ali. The local legends refer to this place as Sitrakalludurga, Chitrakallu, Sintharakallu and so on.

The invincible fort of Chitradurga has been suitably planned for the war techniques of the contemporary days. This stands as an example for the insight of the valiant Nayakas of Chitradurga. This fort with seven enclosures has withstood the ravages of nature for centuries. The valour of the Nyakas of this land gave it the epithet “Gandu mettida nadu” meaning the Land of masculine prowess. Another notable future this fort is that it is a combination of the three classifications of the fortress mentioned in the Arthashasthra of Kautillya namely “Giridurga, Jaladurga and vanadurga “. This fort as 19 main entrances, 38 wicket entrances, 35 portholes and 4 secret entrances. There are 14 major temples namely Ekanatheshwari, Hidimbeshwari, Sampige sideshwara, Phalguneshwara and others. Other monuments and places of tourist interest are Murugamata, Onakekindi, grinding stones of gun powder, remnants of  the royal palace, granary and oil tanks, gymnasium, the 40 feet high swing stand, watch towers, gun holes, military quarters and others. The Tuppadakoladabatheri hill is an astonishment for the tourist. Many a times this fort misleads the trespassers  who are unaware of its environs.

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How to Reach :

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Bengaluru and Hubli are the nearest Airports.

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There are direct trains from Bangaluru to

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NH 4 Passes by Chitradurga. All the districts of the state are connected through busses. And Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and AndraPradesh having bus facility to Chitradurga